Metal Solutions

Metalworking has always been our passion , but the dodecahedron , this unique piece , cast - in constant challenges : the design, planning , execution, and completion in all its surroundings making us gravitate around this new universe .
The material and personal investment was the extent of our aspiration: intense and deep. We put the way ideas are materialized in metal concerned . We have improved techniques, improved tools, we reviewed methodologies, abandon prejudices and even the way we perceive the universe. Not only the dodecahedron. When contemplating the product of our imagination , we realize how much we innovate , but also feel the adrenaline as means to go further . After all , what happened ? Art ? What is art ? And if we assign a goal to art, to defy with a new function , that is what?
The popular concepts ? 
And this is what we can control our obsession with uniqueness , the detail , the pursuit of perfection in the challenges we set ourselves ? Or do we want ? After all , what moves us ?