The singularity of our idea was born before desafiArt that it poured. Started with the goal to convey intentions, feelings, deep down, that dream, challenging the designer to shape a piece that wanted memorable and perfect. (A difficult task - that of -. Trying to view through our eyes) After replicable sketches, setbacks, finally, improvements in trying to create something, appears to us the dodecahedron. Immediately, do not identify as a geometric figure, much less with all the meaning ascribed to it. It was not as we know its importance both for art, architecture, design, philosophy, mysticism, history or mathematics. We had never been presented but we felt like the Plato of the XXI century.
Discover the dodecahedron was an immediate fascination, a sense that we had created something unlike anything, so complete, so perfect, so harmonious that we had to materialize. Such responsibility has focused us in detail - because the only difference is noticed in the details-in perfection, in the singularity of the art even believing that art is not incessantly to seek can be found. She is born spontaneously.
The challenge was released.

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