Projeto: Autumnal Curtain

Client: Particular
Challenge: Developing a home environment with classic country style predominance of white and brown, framed in an urban space. The aim was to determine - more clearly - the separation of two spaces with different functions (garage and garden) and add some modern and dynamic, always respecting the identity and environment of the surrounding area.
Process: The Desafiart visited the site and tried to reinterpret the desire of the customer, combining the function of the number requested aesthetic that allowed the place and the available budget. The Desafiart presented some drawings with the sketch of the piece and a proposed materials and colors to use.
Solution: Biombo, four panels with 3200x2000, iron term lacquered RAL 8017, inspired by the first autumn rains.
Testimony: "Clean, fantastic, magnificent, I recommend" - António Silva


Client: Particular
Challenge: Making an open space, a place with privacy and cozy, involving small gardens and pool.
Process: Based on the client needs the autumnal curtain, created a ladder for easy access to all areas and the protection of privacy with multiple panels.

Projeto: Dodecahedron

Client: Vimajofil

Projeto: Life Frame

Client: Vimajofil
Challenge: Find a way to develop a three-dimensional frame in order to be a vase for succulents.
Process: According to customer specified location with the proposed size, shape and color, as well as the type of desired thickness were prepared.
Solution: Sheet metal 1.5 mm, iron painted RAL 1019, with parallelepiped 40X40X12cm, incorporation of plants with the customer's choice of a partner DesafiART.
Testimony: "Perfect" - Vitor Gonçalves

Projeto: Olympics

Client: Vimajofil
Challenge: The company Vimajofil, as a sponsor of the Olympics Edition II Accounting ISPGaya, challenged us to create the bowls to be delivered to the winners.
Process: rawing inspiration from the work developed by Vimajofil metal over the years, the fact that everything fits in accounting and materials that have in them the beauty and consistency of a winner, a prototype was accepted immediately was presented by Vimajofil and also by ISPGaya.
Solution: Frame with 31X22 cm. Frame in brushed stainless steel, based on Prodema ® (high pressure laminate) Black and puzzles embossed stainless steel, laser cut, brushed and laser engraved. Back of the frame adapted to be suspended or proper support.
Testimony: "What a wonderful idea! Perfection is remarkable " - Tânia Veiga

Projeto: Portobello

Client: Particular
Challenge: Cacti and succulents in love with client. His wish: to have these species abroad, a "bed" of metal that is the level of the beauty of these plants.
Process: Some sketches were presented, and found solutions, for example, incorporating a lamp cover and a pre- existing faucet, as well as the metal to be used between lacquered iron and weathering steel.
Solution: Vertical garden in corten steel.
Testimony: "Organized, attentive, highly recommend" - Isabel Pereira

Projeto: Relax Outdoor

Client: Particular
Challenge: To create a base that supported outside about 500Kg in weight. We realize that the goal of our client is having a large and at the same time cozy space. The site visit, we observed that the surrounding area was verdant gardens, and the base would have to stay with just two brackets, because the space required by the client to place the base had a gap.
Solution: Suspended bed 200x200cm with white lacquered. Fabric covering held by our partner.
Testimony: "I had seen on the internet what they wanted. The final result was different from what I had idealized, but much against my objective. Fantastic, looks like they know exactly what they need and want. "- Luis Mendes

Projeto: Samples

Client: desafiART-Perfect Metal Solutions
Challenge: Show our customers and future, our attention to detail!
Solution: Small samples of iron, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, copper, disposed in the showroom and capable of being transported.


Client: LIKEarchitects
Challenge: Make a small public enclosed porch within an equilateral triangle, which is based on three narrow spiral staircases that give you access. Allow artistic activities such as concerts, dinner, dance and theater, not forgetting the visitors so that they can observe the city, being observed by others. Cause urban intimacy and the feeling of the unexpected.
Solution: Iron in metallic structure, with 3 spiral staircase, two triangular levels, three pillars Round structural tube reinforcements steps at structural tube, plate heights, steps in olive leaf 3mm, railings, handrail round tube and uprights tube. Finish RAL 4008.
Testimony: "We would like to thank Vimajofil/Desafiart for their amazing job in building Tripod" LIKEarchitects

Projeto: Varvara

Client: Design office
Challenge: Develop a prototype of brass to accompany the presentation of the design of a lobby for a hotel in Angola.
Process: The piece had to be developed curves, uneven and perfect and imperfect edges to demonstrate the ability and quality of work to develop. It was necessary to develop new techniques, particularly in the type of welding and finishing given to the material.
Solution: Pice of brass with different finishes (brushed, polished, degrade), with 120 cm height.
Testimony: "It was as I had imagined, detail and finishes are perfect" - Victor (Designer)